Wii U Hacked

wii u softmodThe Safest Hack for running Homebrew on Wii U

Here we have a litle bit of history of Nintendo Wii hacking. Gamers can now modify their consoles to play homebrew software from a Secure Digital (SD) card.  Unlike older hacks that required a Game Cube adapter to do sofmod to allow homebrew loading, a twilight hack can be done by simply inserting an SD card into a slot located on the front portion of the Wii. 

The twilight hack Nintendo Wii U SoftMod Chip can be installed using a formatted SD card inserted into the SD card reader, a save file for “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” with at least one game session played and a CD of the homebrew.  Versions of the twilight hacks for US, Australia, and Europe/Australia can be found in a zip file which can be copied in an SD card.

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wiiu hackedA group named Team Twiizers has developed this wii hacking tool that uses a loading error in a save file for the game “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” that saves a player’s horse as “epona.”  This file that contains the “epona” horse character causes the game to save in a filename that is longer than what is required in the game.  This discrepancy in filename parameters causes the game to crash and consequently allows it to run a loader program that proceeds with the wii hacking.  As a result of the wii hacking, any program that is loaded into the root of the SD card will run.

The twilight hack using the “epona” horse save file is about the only safe way to do a sofmod to enable homebrew.  Using this sofmod enables gamers to play just about any game they want on their wii consoles.

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In terms of unlocking your Wii, you may use ConsoleUnlock, which is safer and simpler compared to the use of “modchips.” If you use chips, your Wii would run homebrew games and applications, backup games, and import games. However, you need to open the console itself to insert the chip. You would find solderless chips safer to use, but once you open the console, you would not be able to use the warranty.
Even if you can find someone claiming to be a “professional,” you still cannot easily trust anyone operating a business in a shady basement. Would you be willing to leave your Wii with someone whom you don’t know and trust him with it even for a few days?
The best solution then would be for you to unlock the console yourself. We can tell you that it is really a simple process and even one without technical knowledge can do it. We have a guide prepared for you called “Unlock Your Wii,” which can teach you all about you a step-by-step guide to unlock your console safely. Since you don’t need to do anything drastic with it, your warranty will still be intact. There is even ne need for soldering at all. You just need to use software that will not touch your console hardware. Anything would be reversible even after installing the software.


Can I unlock a Wii with System Update 4.3?
Yes, our WiiUnlocker will work even with System Update 4.3. You can easily update your Wii now. Even if you don’t update it, the unlocker will still work with Updates 3.0 to 4.3.

Will the Unlocker cause my warranty to be invalidated?
Nintendo does not allow its users to install any software on Wii. However, this software has 100% reversible effects. If you notice something wrong with the console after you unlock it, you can easily uninstall the software and let Nintendo repair it without them noticing what you have done to it. No one among our clientele has come to us complaining that Nintendo refused to repair their consoles because they unlocked it.

Which regions work with your console unlocking software? Will all hacks / emulators / loaders / wads work on a European WiiU?
Our software works with Nintendo Wii in any regions. Wherever you may have bought your Wii, be it in Europe, North America, Australia, Asia, or anywhere else, the software can still unlock it.

wiiu transfer backup gamesCan I still enjoy my Wii Channel after unlocking the console?
Yes, you can still access the Wii Channel after using our unlocking software.

Can I update my Wii even if it is unlocked?
It would be safer if you wait for our updates before you update the console.

Can the unlocking software be uninstalled?
Yes, you can do the uninstallation process anytime. It will lock the console again just like before.

After unlocking Wii, you will have the following benefits:

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